BusinesS Plans

Combination of the main solutions to facilitate the work process and protection.
Antivirus Software (F-Secure) + + +
Business e-mail (Exchange) + + +
Backup (OneDrive- 1TB) + + +
Active Directory (Azure AD) + + +
Microsoft 365 ( Word, Excel, PowePoint, Outlook) online + +
Remote support 1 hour per month 1 hour per month 1 hour per month
Vacation Tracking system + +
File management and collaboration system + +
Managed Firewall (Check Point) +
Most suitable for a team of* 1-5 users 5-15 users more than 15 users
Price per user ** 45 lv. 75 lv. 120 lv.

* Recommended team size

** The price includes VAT

Our subscription plans are 1-year-long, with an option to be extended further.

Every subscription plan can be canceled upon a request one month in advance.

During the subscription, the number of users can be changed upon a request one month in advance.

Payment is due monthly until the 10th day of every current month via wire transfer.

All our customers are given access to our Online Ticketing System at Upon need you can contact us easily by raising a ticket .

We take ownership to start working on the raised ticket on the next business day at the latest.