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Our solutions are focused on technological growth in strategic terms, applicable to the consumer rhythm.

We at GluckIT believe that this approach is leading to a business revolution by increasing productivity, improving the use of capital expenditure, reducing operating expenditure, and responding quickly to changing customer demand.

Technical Analysis
Thanks to the technical analysis, we can professionally study and predict the internal factors that affect your IT support. In this analysis, it is taken into account whether the company complies with the information security policy, as well as whether the hardware and software environments are reliable.
System integration
System integration combines subsystems from different manufacturers and creates a link between them, setting them up to work in a single environment.
This is important for improving the communication between the business and internal cooperation within the company. System integration is a set of activities that cover specific business needs.
System administration
Outsourcing of the client's IT department – system support for desktop (user) devices, peripherals, operating systems, infrastructure and application software products, corporate network environment, server farms, virtualization platforms, cloud services, hybrid solutions, security systems, video surveillance.
Cloud Services
With a managed private cloud platform, we bridge the differences between on-premises and cloud environments, as well as between public and private clouds. A private cloud platform allows you to manage safely and with high performance not only new cloud applications but also existing ones. This eliminates costly new installations and reduces the risk of data loss.


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The main context of an organization for creating quality management, IT service management, and security systems is that they are an input element…