On December 01, 2020, GluckIT Ltd. became a part of the National Business Network Association.


The National Business Network Association was established on 19.03.2004 as a non-profit legal entity in private ownership.

The NBN was established to assist in the development of small and medium-sized businesses, provide information to their firms and support cooperation between them.

Companies from all over the country, working in all industries, participate in the NBN. One of our main goals is to provide special goods and services to our members. In this regard, we are actively looking for contacts with well-known suppliers of quality services that will be useful for the activities of our companies. In this respect, and in expressing mutual interests and intentions to improve and develop social dialogue, the signed cooperation agreements are aimed at:

  • Information exchange
  • Partnership for the implementation of projects under the programs of the European Union
  • Joint participation in other projects and initiatives
  • Organizing and conducting seminars, meetings, presentations, and researches
  • As well as activities of mutual interest approved by the governing bodies in accordance with the principles of autonomy and independence.